For My Fun Neighbors

I have a next door neighbor that I absolutely love! I used to watch her daughter after school and she has helped me out when I’ve had my husband out of state or driven one of my kids home when they got sick at school and we weren’t able to be reached.

She’s super cool. But more importantly she’s super fun… and our brand of fun usually employs a couple of beers and serious laughter! Here’s what I made for her this year.

After I ran it over to her house she texted me: “Best. Present. Ever!”

I called her a couple of days ago (for “research” purposes) and asked what soda she drinks (because if you just guess: you may get it wrong.) For her it was regular Pepsi. I went to the liquor store and bought six 99¢ mini bottles of rum. Picked up a 6 pack of her favorite soda, and voilà: A present for my favorite neighbor!

I had my husband pick up one of the carriers for beers that my grocery store has (which I highly recommend using and running the ribbon around it. Much easier to carry, and with a second ribbon around the outside it’s very festive! And of course I forgot to photograph it! Maybe I’ll make another one for me!) I got out some ribbon, pipe cleaners (to attach the bottles to each other), gift bows and some tape. If you have fun friends or neighbors, here’s how you can let them know how much you enjoy their company!


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