How To Make A Bagged Dead Body For Halloween

I made my original dead body bag about 4 or 5 years ago and I've learned some things about how to make these after having to repair it a few times. Like most of my projects: this is simple but impressive. I've seen some bodies in our neighborhood and online instructions (using plastic containers) and … Continue reading How To Make A Bagged Dead Body For Halloween

Haunted Heads

I had two main projects I wanted to accomplish this Halloween. One project was my Silver Faceless Aliens and the second was some posts with masks, or: Haunted Heads! I decided to do these after I saw a pin. But unfortunately, no matter which pin I opened I couldn't find the instructions to make these. … Continue reading Haunted Heads

Silver Faceless Aliens

It's Halloween time again! I'm trying something new this year! Silver Faceless Aliens! I instantly had the idea after looking at this mask. So much fun! Like all of my projects: it's super cheap and has a big impact. I'm making four. Here are the supplies you'll need: 59 inch silver cape. These are available … Continue reading Silver Faceless Aliens

How To Get Your Kids To Finish Their Homemade School Lunches.

I make my kid's school lunches, and I have made them for the last 7 years. But, it doesn't matter what you send, if they don't eat it. So! How do you make sure they eat what you send, so that their bodies are ready for daily exercise and learning? I have a few pointers … Continue reading How To Get Your Kids To Finish Their Homemade School Lunches.

Garden Huckleberry: A Completely Nutty Science Experiment!!!

Garden huckleberry: Every serious fruit gardener should grow this at least once. Everyone who loves a good science experiment should cook with it at least once!!! What am I talking about? Well, this is a crazy plant. It is a nightshade (as are: tomatoes, potatoes, tomatillo, eggplants, peppers and most famously belladonna aka deadly nightshade.) … Continue reading Garden Huckleberry: A Completely Nutty Science Experiment!!!

Please Don’t Rock Your Yard!

As an update to this post: spread mulch where you would have put rock. Read along about how taking permanent action against a short term problem, creates even more problems and stops permanent solutions. While we were in Colorado there was a trend to rip out anything that was growing and replace it with a … Continue reading Please Don’t Rock Your Yard!

Biscamp Pear

I'm going to share my pear journey with the hard to find, but ridiculously tasty Biscamp pear. There's not much information out there and even 6 years, post purchase, the company I bought it from still has very little information and nothing new added to their website. I bought my Biscamp pear from I … Continue reading Biscamp Pear