Conquering Seed Packet Clutter

I have a confession: I am a messy gardener. I have been gardening for decades and I have been collecting seeds all along my journey. I have attempted to organize before. But invariably, half way through the season my carefully cataloged seed packets are a big honking mess. I have tried different ways to organize … Continue reading Conquering Seed Packet Clutter

Decadent Herbal Cold Remedy: Turmeric Milk

Update: It's now 6 years after I wrote this article and every part I've included in this post are things I'm still using! It works! I'm sick. This has been a bad year for colds in our home. My youngest boy started school and he loves to germ up while he's there and then come … Continue reading Decadent Herbal Cold Remedy: Turmeric Milk

Solution For Sore Shoulders: Microwavable Rice Sock

I went to a fair that offered job advice, help with nutrition and health, free haircuts (by cosmetology students...that was interesting!), scalp massages and this: the microwavable rice sock. Oh, have I enjoyed making (and using) these! This is really a simple project and after being out in the yard raking, digging, weeding etc: I … Continue reading Solution For Sore Shoulders: Microwavable Rice Sock

Please Don’t Rock Your Yard!

As an update to this post: spread mulch where you would have put rock. Read along about how taking permanent action against a short term problem, creates even more problems and stops permanent solutions. While we were in Colorado there was a trend to rip out anything that was growing and replace it with a … Continue reading Please Don’t Rock Your Yard!

Russian Roulette Or A Reverse Lottery?

It happened again. I had a second pulmonary embolism. I had very different symptoms this time and I'm beyond frustrated. So, this is number two for a PE and number three for clots in general (I had a self resolving stroke: TIA 9 years ago.) I had done everything that the doctors told me to. … Continue reading Russian Roulette Or A Reverse Lottery?

Beginning Gardening Classes

This is why I started this blog in 2013. I repost these classes yearly and they really are: everything you need to know when you are starting out in gardening. I would say if you have under 10 years of gardening experience: this will be the best tutorial you can find on the subject. If … Continue reading Beginning Gardening Classes