Happy Halloween 2019!

I thought I’d share our finished projects this year. We have a large display and the tutorials are on this blog site. We have a lot of fun with Halloween and we enjoy sharing our creations! I love quick, cheap, homemade decorations. We add a little more each year. We’re seven years in and this is what we’ve come up with.

Our witch circle and blow up ghost. šŸ‘» Directions for making this here: Witch Circle.

A bagged dead body. Get the instructions here: How To Make A Bagged Dead Body For Halloween

Our cousin It. Directions for him here: Cousin It, Oh Yeah!

Texas Skeletons. Cowboy hats are a necessity!

Faceless aliens, they’re life-size and seriously spooky. My son is dressing as one, this Halloween, to scare people coming to the door! He’s super excited! (I’ve included one photo with my son as an alien. Can you tell which one is him? I’ll show you at the bottom of the post!) You can learn how to make these here: Faceless Aliens.

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

Heads on posts, make them here: Haunted Heads.

And my famous packing tape ghost! She’s my favorite! Learn how to make her here: Easy Packing Tape Ghost. You can see our tree sprites behind her.

Our tombstones

This year we added 48 masks to our vines and bushes that you can find here: Bulk Masks (the prices on these skyrocket right before Halloween. I got 48 for around $12, but I ordered them in September.) I ended up adding some clips so that they would sit right. I love my glue gun!

Glow in the dark masks for our hanging tree sprites that you can find at this link: Glow Masks (The prices on these masks change too. I ordered them in September and paid about $7 for each mask and I bought 4. Check around for the best price.) Instructions for the tree sprites are coming in my ebook!

As huge Doctor Who fans we also made a Dalek jack o’lantern. (Instructions will be in my new ebook.) My younger son won his grade’s Halloween šŸ¦‡ pumpkin contest with this!

Finally! After 6 years, I made another giant 20 foot spiderweb out of yarn this time (instead of cotton twine.) The instructions are also coming out soon in my ebook!

Every year we put up shepherd’s hook posts with warning tape. This is the icing on the cake and keeps trick or treaters from cutting across the yard and getting hurt or tangled up in something.

Shepherd’s Hook Post (Mine were things I got on clearance from a hardware store. The ones I have are 65 inches tall, the ones I’ve linked to are a little smaller but a good price.)

Warning Tape (We’ve used our roll for four years, going around the perimeter of our yard, and we’ve hardly made a dent in the roll. This is a good investment!)

And finally, a backdrop for photos. It was the absolute best price I could find and I was really impressed with the quality: Backdrop I was able to add my blog logo and a QR code to it and it was easy to apply to the garage with some duct tape.

My boys this year. This was the first year either of them wanted to be scary or creepy. Ahh. (Sheds a little tear) My kids aren’t little anymore!

Tell me what you think about our display. Do you think we could do better? Let me know if you have any suggestions in the comments below!

And as promised, here’s the alien that is actually my son. He’s really having fun with this!

Happy Halloween!

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)