Beginning Gardening Classes

This is why I started this blog in 2013. I repost these classes yearly and they really are: everything you need to know when you are starting out in gardening. I would say if you have under 10 years of gardening experience: this will be the best tutorial you can find on the subject. If … Continue reading Beginning Gardening Classes

Cleaning Alkaline Battery Compartments Using The Power Of pH

I have a bunch of recordable storybooks that my kid's grandparents recorded for them. We knew my father-in-law was terminally ill, when we asked all of the grandparents to record themselves reading these books. We wanted my kids to have the opportunity to always hear their grandparent's voices. It was a fantastic idea and I'm … Continue reading Cleaning Alkaline Battery Compartments Using The Power Of pH

Witch Circle/Ghost ring 

I love making Halloween decorations, but I think they should be nearly free. Most of the things in our yard are homemade (with the exception of a couple of blow up displays and some skeletons.)  I need my display to make a big impact (because we are trying to get people to walk down a … Continue reading Witch Circle/Ghost ring 

Cousin It… Oh Yeah! 

I saw this and I had to make one! All of my Halloween decorations are cheap, but some require a little planning. If you want to make this you will need to find the pieces and order them so that this is done before Halloween! First order of business is acquiring the parts. I've included … Continue reading Cousin It… Oh Yeah! 

Milk Jug Spider

I love making Halloween decorations! I also love to make CHEAP decorations. I don't think I can find a good reason to buy a lot of what I see in the stores. 1. Because I want my kids to grow up knowing that they can build things, grow their own food and be creators instead … Continue reading Milk Jug Spider

Will They Ripen? 

We live a little east of San Antonio. When hurricane Harvey's winds were just a few hours out, I had a choice: bring in severely under ripe, astringent, Asian persimmons (and super green tomatoes) or risk breaking the brittle branches that were loaded with fruit and have the fruit split from the deluge. (Mine happen … Continue reading Will They Ripen? 

LED shoe port cover

So, this is another post where I couldn't find any advice on my specific problem and thought I'd share the solution I came up with. LED shoes are super popular right now. They have a switch inside the shoe to change the light pattern and the colors. That button is usually along the cord, right … Continue reading LED shoe port cover