Traveling Through Hardship

Lovely Christmas light show we drove through.

We are traveling. We have also had some things to deal with this year that haven’t been fun. Right now, we are far away from home, in Colorado visiting our family… and my husband, who has been out here working for a couple of months. Unfortunately, we’re not entirely sure where this job is going. We are considering moving back here, to the town my children were born in, and the physical place we seem to keep finding ourselves in.

At grandma’s

Colorado is beautiful, my mother and father have both lived in the mountains for decades, but, I love Texas. Our family is getting older and my boys enjoy coming back to Colorado because both sets of grandparents are here. Sometimes I feel like I’m running away from Colorado, only to be pulled back. Nothing seems very final with this place.

My husband grew up near Denver and he misses his family and the weather. But, I will miss the Texas gardening (with the almost year round zone 8b grow season.) I also love my home in Texas. We’ve been there for almost ten years.  Plus, the people out there are genuine, easy going and friendly. For a girl who grew up in Texas, Colorado people seem as chilly as the summer nights out here on the Front Range. Not to say I don’t have friends here. I lived in Colorado for almost 20 years. I’m just really happy in Texas.

Texas, the land of the never ending growing season.

Plus, I can’t breathe out here! I’ve had a couple of serious issues with my lungs and I need all the oxygen sea level affords. But. There’s the rub:

My husband is here and I miss him. My kids miss him and he misses us, too. So we’re trying to stay open to a solution that will pull this into focus a little better.

Our gingerbread house this year.

For now, we’re just enjoying our long visit, before my kids and I head home to Texas and my husband continues his full time job and full time college courses out here in Colorado.

My boys decorating our tree. My 13 year old (in yellow) is growing like a weed!

We’ve done this before. We’re well adjusted to the line of work my husband is in. But, these days: we’re a little older, wishing for a little more stability and a lot less chaos.

Our home made snowflake.

If you are the praying sort: we’d welcome some good thoughts given in your quiet moments with Him. If you aren’t: sending us some good energy is welcome as well!

As America seems completely broken down the middle right now, my family seems to have fractured along with it. Not in our hearts, but certainly in our physical spaces. We’ll get there! Something will eventually turn the tide and this will all work out, as it always has before.

We were able to set up a tree at my husband’s condo.

For those who are feeling a little more chaos these days, we’re right there with you. I know there’s a lot of work ahead of most of us right now. So, I thought I’d share: that you are certainly not alone. I’ll pray for all of us. I think we need it!

Good wishes for the New Year and may your days be full of comfort and joy.



9 thoughts on “Traveling Through Hardship

  1. My life is totally different but I hear you. Many families are suffering similar pains, even though circumstances may different, this is all extremely hard. You are not alone if that is any help.

  2. I understand what you’re feeling. We just moved from our CA home to AZ. My kids are grown and living in the Bay Area. I didn’t want to leave our home in Southern California, but my husband did. I went along and am getting settled, focusing on all the good things where I am today. I still miss my old home, though.

    1. The travel time is about a 14 hour drive, that we split into two days, going through three states. So, it’s not easy to just jump in the car and come visit. Thank you so much for the well wishes! I hope 2021 is great for you!

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