My grandmother was a wonderful cook. Like most women who had their children in the 1940’s she had a lot of experience in the kitchen. Cooking was a necessity, there were few options outside of an occasional night out for a birthday at the town’s restaurants. My dad’s family settled down in Kansas. My grandfather was a farmer and my grandmother had to cook giant meals for the seasonal workers that helped with harvest. She was a dedicated cook and she prepared some wonderful and memorable meals for us.

I was able to see the date of the article on the back side! It was fun to make this.
My grandmother kept a box of newspaper clippings. Things she wanted to try, but she probably didn’t get around to each one of her clipped recipes and craft tutorials. She also had a bunch of 3×5 cards with hand written recipes that she had shared with friends and family. In my quest to honor her, I got out the box of recipes this fall and slowly went through both newspaper and handwritten recipes.This was the first recipe that I tried, because it was super simple and I thought it looked good. It is! I really enjoyed it and so did my mother (another accomplished cook) and even my kids! I doubled this recipe to feed four. These cook up fluffy, but are amazingly filling. They don’t taste greasy, even though they are fried and… yes, you can cook these in an air fryer if you have one!I’m allergic to wheat, and I do all things keto anyway, so I used almond flour instead of wheat flour. Use whatever you like. It’s a forgiving recipe!