I Love My Clot

I survived a pulmonary embolism. I am one of the lucky 2/3 of people who lived through their PE. Join me in my story of recovery.


Efficient Summer Watering In A Raised Bed

One of the draws of raised beds (especially if you have heavy native clay soil) is the the great drainage it provides. However, the drainage in a raised bed can also become an issue in high summer heat. This is a great example of how some things are extremely helpful in one season (like drainage…

A How To: On Animals and Life

How to: Enjoy an indoor rabbit… Hahaha. No. He stinks, will live up to 18 years, digs up the carpet in the corners and kicks out rabbit poo all over the floor from his cage. Unfortunately, (for me anyway) it gets way too hot to cage a rabbit outdoors down here. (There are ways to…