Polar Vortex

Whooo hoo is it ever cold here! We've been down here for almost ten years and I've never seen it this cold, with this much snow and for this long! One Texas snowman! I grew up in Texas, but in Fort Worth, which is up in north Texas, near Oklahoma. Even then, we never got … Continue reading Polar Vortex

Conquering Seed Packet Clutter

I have a confession: I am a messy gardener. I have been gardening for decades and I have been collecting seeds all along my journey. I have attempted to organize before. But invariably, half way through the season my carefully cataloged seed packets are a big honking mess. I have tried different ways to organize … Continue reading Conquering Seed Packet Clutter

Stone Age Bread

I love getting down to Paleolithic level ingredients. The more whole foods, and the fewer the ingredients: the better. So when I heard about a very basic, flour-free: egg, nut and seed based bread: I wanted to try it! Sliced after baking It just looks delicious, and it didn't disappoint! I wondered what the texture … Continue reading Stone Age Bread

Moka Pot or Aeropress

This isn't even a fair fight if you ask me. My first experience with coffee was in France. I ordered "café au lait" like I knew what I was doing. And once, I even had two in a row. Not awesomely smart for an 17 year old who didn't regularly consume caffeine. I think I … Continue reading Moka Pot or Aeropress

Are You Interested In Growing Elderberries?

Elderberry syrup (also called sambucus) is a fantastic home remedy for colds! The syrup is really tasty (if it's done right) but it's very expensive. The brand we have at the moment. We have a middle schooler and an elementary school student in our home. They both had their tonsils out last year because we … Continue reading Are You Interested In Growing Elderberries?

Traveling Through Hardship

Lovely Christmas light show we drove through. We are traveling. We have also had some things to deal with this year that haven't been fun. Right now, we are far away from home, in Colorado visiting our family... and my husband, who has been out here working for a couple of months. Unfortunately, we're not … Continue reading Traveling Through Hardship

I Painted My Kitchen Cabinets And I Love Them!

I love my newly painted kitchen cabinets! But, whew! What a bunch of work! I have a large kitchen and I have a lot of experience painting... everything but cabinetry. This is still during painting. I painted (and had a drop cloth down) in the eat-in area. The chaos on the counters just seems to … Continue reading I Painted My Kitchen Cabinets And I Love Them!

Fire Cider: Immunity Booster

With the Corona virus on the loose and a lot of us out here wondering what that will mean to us personally: What can you do to keep busy, and possibly, create something that could help at home?I have been aware of this virus since it emerged. I've kept up on the subject as best … Continue reading Fire Cider: Immunity Booster

Painting Pavers To Look Like Books

I got a call the other day from a neighbor. "I have seven bricks, do you want them?" "Yes! Yes, I do!" I have plans for bricks, and free ones are the best kind! These plans were sparked by regularly spending hours on Pinterest (Can't sleep? It's Pinterest time!) and randomly remembering a few pins … Continue reading Painting Pavers To Look Like Books

Silver Faceless Aliens

It's Halloween time again! I'm trying something new this year! Silver Faceless Aliens! They are human height and shape and creep everyone out! I instantly had the idea after looking at this mask. So much fun! Like all of my projects: it's super cheap and has a big impact. I'm making four. Here are the … Continue reading Silver Faceless Aliens

Solution For Sore Shoulders: Microwavable Rice Sock

I went to a fair that offered job advice, help with nutrition and health, free haircuts (by cosmetology students...that was interesting!), scalp massages and this: the microwavable rice sock. Oh, have I enjoyed making (and using) these! This is really a simple project and after being out in the yard raking, digging, weeding etc: I … Continue reading Solution For Sore Shoulders: Microwavable Rice Sock

The Greatest Green You’ve Never Eaten: Sweet Potato Leaves

I'm always looking for new ways to use my garden. After years of growing sweet potatoes I came across a recipe that called for the leaves. Sweet potato leaves are edible? Yes. Yes, they are.The sweet potatoes slips I got this year were supposed to be a bush variety. While they haven't thrown vines out … Continue reading The Greatest Green You’ve Never Eaten: Sweet Potato Leaves

Ever Had Spiced Hibiscus Flower Tea?

One of my favorite plants to grow down here is hibiscus. It is truly a beautiful plant and the flowers are breathtaking. I am not the only one who appreciates hibiscus. We frequently have hummingbirds in the garden sipping hibiscus nectar. My favorite part about the plant though, is that it's edible. Hibiscus is high … Continue reading Ever Had Spiced Hibiscus Flower Tea?

Hugelkultur, Keyhole Gardens: Bridging Ideas

I do a lot of research before I try new things. There are two ideas floating around right now that I really liked. One is Hugelkultur. The idea is basically a huge, permanent, water retaining, slow composting hill. This is a great site about it: http://www.richsoil.com/hugelkultur/ Down here, anything that saves water is welcome. The … Continue reading Hugelkultur, Keyhole Gardens: Bridging Ideas

Please Don’t Rock Your Yard!

While we were in Colorado there was a trend to rip out anything that was growing and replace it with a gravel landscape. Every time I saw someone ripping out their grass to do this: I wanted to throttle them. Here is why: rock is not low maintenance. I understand those who don't garden are … Continue reading Please Don’t Rock Your Yard!

Melon Trellising

I usually grow my vining melons on a trellis. Trellising makes them easy to care for and the plants themselves are healthier. Getting melon vines off the ground keeps the powdery mildew under control and I can easily spray the leaves when the inevitable aphid explosion comes. Since I like to research things, and I'm … Continue reading Melon Trellising

Summer Fun In The Garden

In Texas we're in our miserable part of summer. Our heat index is fluctuating between 101 and 103 degrees Fahrenheit. It's nasty in the high heat part of the day. It's also still in the high 80s at midnight and later. It's too hot for a lot of things, (like tomatoes) so we're getting through … Continue reading Summer Fun In The Garden

So, I Made A Potato Tower

I have seen this idea around for a while and it seemed easy enough to do. I decided I'd try building one and I finished it in an hour or so. This is what I think of them: it's a lot of work and not a good project for someone with a bad back.There are … Continue reading So, I Made A Potato Tower