An Update On My Pear Tree Iron Implants

Last year our summer was baking hot: 100+ degrees for months and no rain. It was hard on my trees, especially my pear tree. My pear gets iron chlorosis (many fruit trees do) and also I had calcium deficiency in the fruit, causing corkey spots. For both of these to develop you need high ph … Continue reading An Update On My Pear Tree Iron Implants

Conquering Seed Packet Clutter

I have a confession: I am a messy gardener. I have been gardening for decades and I have been collecting seeds all along my journey. I have attempted to organize before. But invariably, half way through the season my carefully cataloged seed packets are a big honking mess. I have tried different ways to organize … Continue reading Conquering Seed Packet Clutter

Solution For Sore Shoulders: Microwavable Rice Sock

I went to a fair that offered job advice, help with nutrition and health, free haircuts (by cosmetology students...that was interesting!), scalp massages and this: the microwavable rice sock. Oh, have I enjoyed making (and using) these! This is really a simple project and after being out in the yard raking, digging, weeding etc: I … Continue reading Solution For Sore Shoulders: Microwavable Rice Sock

Please Don’t Rock Your Yard!

As an update to this post: spread mulch where you would have put rock. Read along about how taking permanent action against a short term problem, creates even more problems and stops permanent solutions. While we were in Colorado there was a trend to rip out anything that was growing and replace it with a … Continue reading Please Don’t Rock Your Yard!

Cleaning Alkaline Battery Compartments Using The Power Of pH

I have a bunch of recordable storybooks that my kid's grandparents recorded for them. We knew my father-in-law was terminally ill, when we asked all of the grandparents to record themselves reading these books. We wanted my kids to have the opportunity to always hear their grandparent's voices. It was a fantastic idea and I'm … Continue reading Cleaning Alkaline Battery Compartments Using The Power Of pH

Silver Faceless Aliens

It's Halloween time again! I'm trying something new this year! Silver Faceless Aliens! I instantly had the idea after looking at this mask. So much fun! Like all of my projects: it's super cheap and has a big impact. I'm making four. Here are the supplies you'll need: 59 inch silver cape. These are available … Continue reading Silver Faceless Aliens